Allie Haydon is a singer-songwriter known for diving into the raw and vulnerable. The dynamics of moving on through pain, navigating changing relationships over the course of time and distance, detangling the past, and looking forward to what lies ahead after the little deaths that life tends to throw at us, influence the shape of the songs she writes. Her knack for honing in on a specific feeling and capturing a mood through storytelling lends to her emotionally charged sound. 

Growing up, Haydon remembers writing her first songs around the age of six; music has always had its grip on her. Her love for melody and a desire to belt like Florence and Machine as a teen is what propelled her to teach herself guitar and piano. Haydon deepened her focus on her music after the sudden death of her mother, finding that channeling her grief through sound was therapy like no other. What began as a personal way for her to create something out of absence, Haydon’s songs have become her way of processing the trials that we all face in this human condition.

Finding her place amongst indie artists like Samia, Maggie Rogers, Lizzie McAlpine, and Phoebe Bridgers, Haydon writes the emotion of real life into heartbreaking melody, to make the listener feel just how beautiful pain can be. Her sound is tender, experimental, and entirely her own. 

Her first release ‘New Recording 838’ made its way to all streaming channels in May 2022 which gained the attention of indie music label HMLYN. Her debut EP, Goodnight, released in the fall of 2022, reaching over 200,000 streams on Spotify alone. With more to come in 2023, Haydon is sure to make you feel something special.